25 - Boston - Anything that goes through my head will end up here.
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2, 31, 34, 37, 80, 88.

2 - 18 is way too young to date, I know many people are fine with age gaps but I just don’t think it’s something I’d be down for. It’s tough to really say I guess, but I’m leaning towards probably not.

31 - I probably have an empty bottle or two hidden in my closest still from before I was 21…does the beer bottle next to me count?

34 - delete 1 year of my life…that’s tough. Probably 2006, it was a tough time. Or maybe half of 2011-2012, but the rest of 2012 got saved thanks to someone who means a lot to me.

37 - Married in 5 years? Maybe, I don’t know, I’d need a steady and solid girlfriend to even think of considering that, but it’s not on my list of things to do right now.

80 - I have to work for 12 hours tomorrow, so, literally work all day. At least it’s mostly something different all the time but it doesn’t mean I don’t get aggravated with it, I do all the time.

88 - There’s first love and there’s first true love. If it was first love, absolutely not. First true love, absolutely, presents aren’t necessary but she already knows that.